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The recipe for today’s booming bakery calls for solutions that address everything from allergen handling and dust control to hygienic manufacturing and proper labeling.

By designing and constructing high-volume and specialty bakeries for the world’s premier snack foods, cookie, cake, par-baked goods, bread and dough manufacturers, Stellar understands the evolving needs of the modern-day baker. To rise above the rest in today’s bakery industry, baked goods manufacturers must achieve safe, sanitary operations while staying on the cusp of cutting-edge technologies.

Bakeries vary vastly due to their specific product mix, as does the actual production from the front end of the plant to the back end. Understanding the business objectives and specific needs for each is crucial. Stellar’s engineers and construction professionals are sensitive to client success factors and have created innovative solutions for complex wrapping, sorting and stacking, and develop efficient factory flows to minimize labor while focusing on future flexibility to adapt to markets changes. We also have experience serving specialty bakery markets such as gluten-free, organic as well as artisan and gourmet breads.

Stellar’s experience includes addressing the wide range of employee and food safety hazards which must be taken into consideration during the design and construction phases of a project such as:

  • Ingredient dust explosion prevention
  • Allergen separation
  • Wet and dry sanitation system design
  • Ergonomics 
  • Material handling

Our other bakery expertise includes:

  • Automation and process control
  • Silo and conveying
  • Spiral freezing
  • Packaging
  • Storage and distribution
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Todd Allsup

Divisional Vice President, Corporate Sales

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