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Poultry processors are faced with a flock of challenges, from the spread of diseases to heightened water demands. 

With a high risk for contamination, and the spread of disease such as salmonella, sophisticated food safety is paramount for poultry processing plants. Separating slaughter, evisceration, cutup and packaging from further processing, cooking and packaging operations is crucial to preventing cross-contamination. And air borne contaminates from kill floors and rendering areas shouldn’t mix with the air particles that surround the product processing and packaging areas. The use of pressurized mechanical and refrigeration systems to minimize the potential mixing of air and condensation is also extremely important to maintaining the sanitation of poultry processing operations.

In addition to food safety, poultry slaughter plant’s have massive water demands. Further processing facilities require numerous wash-down cycles per day, while RTE facilities utilize clean-in-place (CIP) systems.

Stellar can address all of these issues and also has expertise in:

  • Cooling sheds 
  • Bird unloading 
  • Water chilling 
  • Air chilling 
  • Stunning systems

Our work in the poultry industry is highly regarded, seen specifically in the Keystone Foods poultry processing plant. The Keystone Foods facility earned the 2010 ABC Excellence in Construction award, the 2010 ABC Excellence in Construction Safety and was named the 2009 Food Engineering Plant of the Year.

Bell & Evans Poultry Plant


Todd Allsup

Divisional Vice President, Corporate Sales

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We selected Stellar to be our design-build partner in this innovative poultry processing facility because of their reputation in the food industry with significant experience in food safety. We wanted to challenge Stellar to live up to its tagline, “Taking Solutions Further,” and we could not have been more satisfied with their innovative design, execution and the professionalism of their employees.
Ed Delate, VP of Global Engineering & Corp. Social Responsibility , Keystone Foods

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In Their Own Words: Royal Cup’s Bold Aspirations & High Expectations
When Royal cup first sat down with Stellar on their expansion project they let them know they had bold aspirations and high expectations. Stellar was up to the challenge, listen to Bill Smith, president of Royal Cup, describe his experience in partnering with Stellar to achieve those goals and complete a plant in Birmingham, Alabama.
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Stellar has upheld our brand promise of Taking Solutions Further® for three decades. With unmatched self-performing capabilities, we offer clients a single point of accountability while maintaining the highest level of quality. Our team has experience across a wide range of industries, backed by a company-wide commitment to exceeding our customers’ expectations. We build relationships to last, and have enjoyed successful partnerships with Fortune 100 and industry-leading companies.

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