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NH360 Packaged Refrigeration Systems

Stellar offers standard off-the-shelf packaged refrigeration systems in addition to custom-designed equipment to match our clients’ unique needs and applications. We serve markets including food and beverage, distribution, HVAC and pharmaceutical. Our natural refrigeration systems are factory built and quality controlled, allowing for high-quality builds, enhanced safety and a compact and efficient design.

Our NH360 modular refrigeration systems experts prioritize quality, focusing on every detail throughout the design and fabrication process. Due to its nationwide parts inventory and service network, Stellar provides clients unmatched access to high inventory levels and 24/7 service response, keeping systems maintained to the highest standards.

Stellar’s designs use natural refrigerants, greatly reducing refrigerating operating costs. With operating ranges spanning from -50℉ to +50℉, Stellar’s packaged refrigeration system designs provide better peak and part load efficiencies than traditional systems, with significantly lower refrigerant charges. Our low-charge systems produce one ton of refrigeration while using less than one pound of ammonia.

All of our packaged system designs are available pre-insulated and pre-wired with factory-built enclosures for immediate startup, resulting in less onsite construction and shorter lead times.


With more than 30 years of experience with natural refrigerants, Stellar’s leadership is unparalleled in the refrigeration industry.

Custom modular refrigeration equipment that delivers efficiency and speed to market.

Advanced refrigeration design that delivers efficiency and innovation.
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Refrigerated Packaged Equipment (RPE)
See how Stellar's custom RPE solutions deliver quality, energy efficiency and lower installation costs.


Luke Facemyer

Divisional Vice President, Refrigeration

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Stellar has upheld our brand promise of Taking Solutions Further® for three decades. With unmatched self-performing capabilities, we offer clients a single point of accountability while maintaining the highest level of quality. Our team has experience across a wide range of industries, backed by a company-wide commitment to exceeding our customers’ expectations. We build relationships to last, and have enjoyed successful partnerships with Fortune 100 and industry-leading companies.

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